Delivery of the Keys, Perugino

Entering the fray – August 9, 2020 update

I try again, this time, publicly putting my cowardly writing neck out there through @thedivinemirror. I’ve no clue who will follow along – I can’t say I would, there’s hardly any structure to what I’m proposing as a writing group – but it’s worth a try. I don’t want to drown in the secular world I’m about to plunge into.

Writing what is in my soul will help keep me alive. It’s God (Mass, prayer), family, my vocation to the world (teaching), writing & thought for me (that I may edify those around me).

Lord, grant me success for Your glory, not mine. I only pursue what I deem to be Your Adorable Holy Will. Amen.

On this Feast Day of St. Bonaventure, the Confessor, I confess..* – July 14, 2020 original post

The problem with me as a writer is that I’m not consistent enough – nor do I practice BIC (Butt in Chair) as frequently as a burgeoning writer should.

For me, at this point in my life, it’s about giving myself permission to write & reflect on my Catholic life.. and speaking to my children (leaving a legacy if I die).. and then I also want to get into story at some point.

All this takes seriously developing a habit of thought. In this case, developing the habit of writing. Telling myself, I will write today.. I have to make time today.. It’s that time to write today, this hour, this minute, this moment. It is time to write, now. I’ve been too busy with nothing, save prayer, family, & Mass. God keeps whispering to me in this other direction..

So. Side-effects of this habit of not-developing-the-habit-to-write: having to come here and explicitly explain (to myself) where I am, what I’m thinking, what’s going on in my life, where I am spiritually, where I want to go, what’s stopping me, etc. That’s not art. That’s not living through writing. See, I know this because I study literature by trade, but writing what’s on the surface of my heart always makes me feel better – it’s easy & it makes me feel as though I’ve accomplished something. And, frankly, I’m just done with being a lazy, thoughtless writer.

I can’t continue to post stuff on and expect you to tolerate my emotional garbage.. that *even I* know is emotional garbage.. an emotional dump.

So, something’s gotta change.

For one, I’ll start by collating all this caveat work – my where-I-am-where-I’ve-been-why-I-haven’t-written-but-here-I-go-I’m-almost-ready-to-write-oops-I’m-afraid-again thinking on this page. If an approach to a post is even remotely connected to this sentiment, I will post it here. Which means.. if I don’t have anything edifying or worthwhile to write bc I my thoughts end up congregating here, then there will be limited content for which is what I don’t want.

Hopefully, this will motivate me to start thinking in a more meaningful direction.

May God help me.

Ad maiorem Dei gloria! St. Bonaventure. Bishop, Confessor & Doctor, July 14, 2020.

*to be added to.


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