I am a daughter of the Church and servant of Christ the King.

I tweet @BeGreatSaints and have numerous blogs here, there.. around.. this is very much my preferred medium.

I teach English, so I tend to disappear when the summer ends.

Process for writing is as follows:

POSTS: I want to believe I’ve matured enough as a writer to be comfortable with ample revision in this medium… but since I have Twitter on the brain, more than likely, I’ll just be hitting “Go” until I find my rhythm (How long has it been since you wrote a solid paragraph?). This means for the next several days, weeks, I’ll be going back into posts to revise & edit (sorry).

GALLERIES: I’ll be adding to these throughout the day. Images come from all over the internet.. other accounts. πŸ™‚ They’ll be finalized in the evening, probably with a little reflection.

REFLECTIONS: I’m a writing teacher, and as such, I’ll probably be taking a look back on my writing as it happens. Links to these reflections will be embedded on blogs, linked to different pages. This is my own thinking on how to improve my own writing. If they’re helpful to you, great. Otherwise, let them serve as coaching for what we should expect from writers out there.. so much trash.. but I’m not including Catholic writers. πŸ™‚

DURATION: I do NaNoWriMo and right now, I’m hooked up with the summer version, Camp NaNoWriMo. My goal is 1500 words a day. Entries will be short & glitchy, prob, but I have a goal for long-form reflection & storytelling. Catholics need to learn to tell stories – that’s been on my mind and in my heart. Fiction stories, their stories. I mean, why do you stay Catholic? What moment(s) can you define in your life – or in the different liturgical seasons – where you wanted to bail, but ended up staying? I want to explore this, long-term. In the meantime, I’m here for the month of July.

LONG-TERM GOALS: I plan on creating a Catholic literary journal of sorts – creative non-fiction, fiction, poetry, memoir. I have experience editing literary journals and can build sites from the ground up (ish). Let me know if you want in. Watch for calls for submission. πŸ™‚

It’ll be fun. πŸ™‚

Please think about joining me in writing during the month of July, the Month of Our Lords Precious Blood. You don’t even have to tell anyone: set up a private blog, start responding with your Catholic senses fidelium. You don’t have to write for the world. Write for yourself, write to God.. talk to Him like you would in prayer..

O, I could go on.. πŸ™‚

– Veronica, July 1, 2019 – Feast of the Precious Blood of Jesus